4 to the Floor presents Nu GrooveOriginally started in 1988 by Frank and Karen Mendez as an outlet for some of Rheji and Ronald Burrell's more experimental musical adventures, Nu Groove was fast becoming the hippest house music label. The label defied to be synonymous to a certain sound, rather it was very much a reflection of New York's verily multifarious house music sound. The latest installment in the prestigious "4 to the Floor" series(as usual compiled by Luke Solomon) showcases the early releases from the label, opening a time capsule to the underground sound of downtown New York between 1988-1991. Remastered and sounding better than ever, the compilation still retains its glorious original analogue quality, featuring some of the labels most memorable releases, including the vocal classics "My love is magic" and "I'm glad you came to me" by the much-loved New Jersey vocal group Bas Noir which are among our favorites from the label.


  1. Equation "The Answer" (Burrell’s X² Mix)
  2. Tech Trax Inc. "Feel The Luv" (Sex Mix)
  3. Bas Noir "My Love Is Magic" (Big Bas Drum Remix)
  4. The Sound Vandals "On Your Way" (Bonus Beat)
  5. Tech Trax Inc. "Tech Trax Inc." (Xplanitory Mix)
  6. Metro "Angel Of Mercy" (Dub)
  7. N.Y. House'n Authority "Fort Green House"
  8. Bas Noir "I'm Glad You Came To Me" (Dub Mix)
  9. Roqui "You Are On My Mind" (On My Mind 12”)
  10. N.Y. House'n Authority "APT. 1B"
  11. K.A.T.O. "Disco-Tech" (Studio 54 Mix)
  12. The Utopia Project "File #2"
  13. Aphrodisiac "Your Love" (Club)
  14. K.A.T.O. "The Booty Dance" (How 2 Mix)
  15. Emjay "Come 'N Get It" (Edit)
  16. N.Y. House'n Authority "Tilden House"
  17. Roqui "Lover" (House Mix)
  18. DTR featuring Marilyn Sareo "Journey Into A Dream" (Sex In Paradise)
  19. Aphrodisiac "Song Of The Siren" (Mediterranean Mix)
  20. Tracer "Love Fantasy" (Vocal)
  21. Equation "I'll Say A Prayer 4 U"
  22. Lisa Lee "When Can I Call You" (Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones British Telecom Mix)
  23. Metro "Turnstyle Turbulance
  24. Project “86” "Total Recall
  25. DTR "How Many Times? (Unity)" (Acid Theme)