4 to the Floor presents Movin' RecordsMovin' Records, the legendary New Jersey house music label created by the one and only Abigail Adams, is responsible for many genre defining house music anthems and classics, from the first release in 1987 ("I've got the music" by Before the Storm featuring Boyd Jarvis) to the very last release in 1995 (the "Roaches on the Dance Floor EP" by Cassio Ware) the label was a driving factor in the development of the classic New Jersey house sound. The "4 to the Floor" series pays tribute to the label with a 2x12" and digital download release, with the featured tracks selected and compiled by Luke Solomon. Most definitely this compilation will let you relive the magical New Jersey house music sound in its full glory... In the near future, the "4 to the Floor" series will delve into the Fourth Floor, Sub-Urban and Slip 'N' Slide musical history and pay homage to these labels.

Tracklist Digital Download:

  1. Phase II "Reachin" (Original Brotherhood Mix)
  2. Kamar "In Every Way" (Original This Six For That Six Mix)
  3. Dee Dee Brave "My My Lover" (Kaoz Again Mix)
  4. Grampa "She's Crazy" (Mystipsycholix)
  5. Before The Storm featuring Boyd Jarvis "I've Got The Music" (Bass Rub Dub)
  6. Rhythm Section featuring Sunday "Thrill Me" (K.F. In The Spirit)
  7. 3 A.M. "I Love This Place"
  8. Cassio The Cassmaster "Getting Hot" (Broad & Market Street Mix)
  9. Vicky Martin "Not Gonna Do It" (Larry Patterson 12" Mix)
  10. LaChandra "Just Started" (Musical Mix)
  11. Intense "Let The Rain Come Down" (Down Pour Mix)
  12. Jasmine "How Can You Walk Away" (Mental Instrum Vox Mix)
  13. Children Of A Deeper Society "Move On"
  14. LaChandra "Just Started" (Start It Up Mix)
  15. Key Choice "Rejoice" (The Sermon Mix)
  16. Immaje "Luv Ride" (Da Booty Mix)
  17. Libby Jones "Time After Time" (Control Mix)
  18. Valerie Ingram "Are You Faithful?" (Boyd's Morning Piano Mix)
  19. Park Avenue featuring Tony Jenkins "Don't Turn Your Love" (Dangerous Mix)
  20. Before The Storm featuring Boyd Jarvis "I've Got The Music" (Zanzibar Dub)
  21. Phase II "Reachin" (Latin Workout Mix)
  22. Vicky Martin "Not Gonna Do It" (Bam Bam Mix)
  23. Boyd Jarvis "Timpini"
  24. Kamar "She's Crazy"