5 Years Deeper Shades Recordings

Five years ago, Lars Behrenroth launched Deeper Shades Recordings, with the first release being "Yes smoke" by Jojo Flores & Joe DiPadova (a 'response track' to the 1989 Koro Koro classic "No smoke") - to this date one of our all-time favorite releases on the label. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the label, a 31 track digital compilation will be released in a few weeks, featuring productions from the likes of Lars Behrenroth, Salvatore Agrosi, Fabio Genito, DJ Mtshepang, Joe DiPadova, Cuebur, Nathan X, Pablo Fierro, Rocco, Meropa Park, 60 Hertz Project and Liquideep to name just a few. Truly a magnificent selection of tracks from the labels one-of-a-kind back catalogue, and to top things off previously unreleased remixes and originals are included too.