Phil Weeks - Crate Diggin' Volumes 1 - 3

French DJ/producer Phil Weeks presents "Crate Diggin'", a momentous project to be released over three unmixed volumes on on Robsoul Recordings. "Crate Diggin'" features a truly eclectic retrospective selection of 29 tracks from an illustrious list of artists that have been most influential to him over the past 15 to 20 years - DJ Rasoul, DJ Sneak, Brett Johnson, Inland Knights, Rick Wade, Mood II Swing, DJ Rork, JT Donaldson and Miguel Migs to name just a few. Similar to his critically acclaimed DJ sets, the included tracks represent Phil Weeks unique fusion of traditional US house with french influences, making this something truly special. The first part is out now on Robsoul Recordings with the others to follow in the coming weeks (vinyl collectors should not miss out on the vinyl samplers).

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Crate Diggin Volume 1
  1. DJ Rasoul "Night at the top"
  2. DJ Rork feat C Minos Alexander "I wanna see you come down" (RK's Mix)
  3. DJ Sneak "I feel groove"
  4. Inland Knights "Slummin it"
  5. JT Donaldson "My belief"
  6. Lavish Habits "Dance wit you"
  7. LawnChair Generals "Stop frontin'"
  8. Miles Maeda "Tell you why"
  9. Lance De Sardi "Freeman" (Ian's Groove)
  10. Track Yankers "Good ol'" (JH Goody Goody Dub)
Crate Diggin Volume 2
  1. 2nd Shift feat Anthony Pearson "It's been a long time"
  2. Brett Johnson "You + me = we"
  3. DJ Rasoul "Bluenote "
  4. DJ Sneak "Latin seoul"
  5. Inland Knights "Boy"
  6. Lance De Sardi "I've been there (Chicago)"
  7. LawnChair Generals "Speechless"
  8. Method Men "Disko biscuit"
  9. Miguel Migs "Sol patrol" (Migs Transporters Vibe)
  10. Rick Wade "I do believe"
Crate Diggin Volume 3
  1. DJ Assassin "A face in the crowd" (Intellidread Mix)
  2. DJ Bertrand "Fuckin' filter" (Ivan's Cube Cleaning Dub)
  3. DJ Rasoul "Visions in motion"
  4. DJ Rasoul "When you hold me"
  5. DJ Sneak "Fear the world"
  6. Inland Knights "Long time"
  7. Mood II Swing "Closer" (King Street Moody Club)
  8. Samson "Hear me" (D.C. vs DJ Bang Uptempo Re-Run)
  9. Toka "Jeriko"