Hey, how r' U doin', sorry can't get thru, why don't you leave your name… Guess you know the rest as we do or should I say we did no later than a week ago with the crash or a hard disk which has got us out of our editorial planning, meaning by that that you'll be offered 2 issues of our column from this week til the next one with tons of goodies to feed your apetites. So better get your credit cards ready and I'm not even talkin' about commissioning us for the prescriptional service!!! A bit more than a month and the festive locations will be taken by storm by cohorts of tourists from all over the places on the North hemisphere of the globe with no bigger wish than escape from reality and legitimately have good time. Hopefully, we look set to be provided with the good vibes that come with. Thanks to our champions…


Quite a while without hearin' from Glenn Lewis. Our man signs a winning return alongside producer Terry Hunter with the friendly 'Stay With Me' enligthened by a Stevie Wonder-influenced interpretation alongside a killing rhythmic guitar part and lush key arrangements over a rumblin' bassline (T's Box). Not that much interesting on offer I'm afraid on the remix package of Peyton & The Rhythm Republic's 'Never Give Up' unless being geared towards harder vibes as delivered on the Drive Remix. But at least the opportunity to get back to the explosive Club Mix which was included on the original release for those who've missed it a couple of months ago (Peppermint Jam). Always had a particular feel for California-based DJ/producer Stephen Rigmaiden's approaches. Once gain, he delivers a syncopated intoxicating rhythm, teamin' up with 5 star vocalist Darryl D' Bonneau on 'Sent From Above'. Meanwhile hyperactive Scott Wozniak on the remix duties gives it a typical NYC flavor (Devotion)…

An obvious search for intimacy seems the least to be said about Chez Music label's return to the release front with the deep & smooth organ-led 'Triumph' by the likes of Rob Salmon. ScottWozniak adding a drop of depth to the whole with his killing synth lines on his alternative versions. And the same comment to apply to the smooth and sort of plaintive 'Love Is Blind' taken from the countless current deliveries to be credited to Joe Flame (D#Sharp). Good music is… yup: timeless! Another proof bein' given with the rerelease of Abicah Soul Project featuring G.U.'s 'City Of Jericho' where is to expect nothing but the very best from the reunion of those two absolute geniuses on this not to be missed jazzy & moody cool groove which should appeal to those into chillin' atmospheric vibes such as – guess you start knowing who I mean – Jose Padilla, Phil 'Cantoma' Mison and Chris 'Coco' Mellor (Abicah Soul Records). On a slightly more repetitive/minimalistic mood, Brighton-based producer Bittersuite delivers the bumpin' 'Visions' on a very fascinating way (DeepSystems). Meanwhile, completing the series, comes the abyssal 'Soulsa' on a sensuous Latin/jazzy-influenced vein courtesy of Marcelo Cruz enlightened by a seducive sax solo responding to a vibrant key part (Deepnsound).

Brindisi's famous Beppe Gioia back to his native country after a couple of months by the sunny shores of Miami goin' deep, abstract and percussive on the moody sort of World-influenced 'Ivory' delivered in 4 # versions on Florida-based label Sofitone Records. More surprising is his Lounge Mix of 'Untitled Fantasy' under the Soul Oasis presents Beppe Gioia banner on Cyberjamz where he may be heard flirting with bossa, meting deep & jazzy vibes over a lascive groove. Sure to find some bumpin' stuff when being offered to listen to a new package by the likes of Melchyor A with 'The Next Big Thing' being no exception and more precisely the Afro-jazzy flavaed Original Mix over old school friendly spoken words (Soulful Sessions).

Boston, Ma definitely lookin' set to make itself a place on the map, this time with Universal Tongues alongside male singer Laurel White reachin' the absolute heights on the infectious soul & jazzy 'Open Up Your Mind' and, no surprisingly, the # 1 position on our top 10 this week (Utopia Boston). At the pursuit of the 13th note??? DJ/producer Roland Clark providing exactly what it takes on the hypnotizing 'Intoxicated' with awesome keys takin' the sensuous spoken words performance courtesy of Soul Tempress to anotha level on his Intoxisoul Mix (Delete Records).

2008 should not doubt be a year to remember for Germany-based jock/producer Ralf GUM not only awaited to get married during the Summer, but also because of the current release of his debut LP (Uniting Music) on his own GoGo Music imprint. A subtly crafted collection of fine grooves flirting with broken beat, Afro, Latin and jazz influences (not to mention house) alongside a whole bunch of talented vocalists, with Nicolas Vautier's partner Rachel Claudio taking the centerstage on 'If No Harm' adding much to the emphasis of this brilliant and classy production. More about our man on an interview to be published this Sunday here on IDMW. In this world of continuous movement, better have one's own identity… That's no surprisingly where are to be found Mood II Swing with their bumpin' revamp of Shuya Okino featuring Diviniti's 'Shine' carrying the distinctive elements which have made their trademark along the years. Louis Benedetti signing the perfect crime on the remix package of Bobbi D'Ambrosio featuring Arif ST Michael's 'Girl You Need A Change Of Mind' and more precisely the hot and directive Club Mix over a hard and destructive bassline courtesy of Gene Perez (Soulshine Recordings). Hard to resist to the Doll Combers MonaLeslie Mix of Diva Down Entertainment's 'Praise Always' with the ever inspired SuSu Bobien delivering the very best as usual for those into serious gospel house jams (Gotta Keep Faith). Meanwhile Fabio Tosti brings us back to the reputedly good ol' days on his blues & jazzy inspired mix of 'Take Me down' sharing the production duties alongside Logicalgroove featuring Savio Vurchio (Music Plan). See ya all next week for another delivery of unmissable cuts. Peace y'all. MFSB


UNIVERSAL TONGUES featuring LAUREL WHITE - Open Up Your Mind – Utopia's Sundays Mix (Utopia Boston/Promo)
It's pure soul, it's jazzy, it's jamming… And here we go with another drop of Boston cream at its finest!!!

SHUYA OKINO featuring DIVINITI - Shine – Mood II Swing Club Mix (Suburban)
M II S on the remix duty. No need to say more…

ABICAH SOUL PROJECT featuring GU - City Of Jerico (Abicah Soul Records/Promo)
Back by demand, this gorgeous chillin' jazzy jam uniting two absolute geniuses of the genre!

SOUL OASIS present BEPPE GIOIA – Untitled Fantasy – Lounge Mix (Cyberjamz/Promo)
Deliciously and slowly straight to the very depth of… bossa!

BITTERSUITE - Visions (DeepSystems)
Brighton-based delivering particularly fascinating visions on this minimalistic deep & smooth groove…

MELCHYOR A – The Next Big Thang – Original (Soulful Sessions/Promo)
Another fresh Afro-jazzy oriented goodie by the likes of this French upcoming producer…

RALF GUM featuring RACHEL CLAUDIO – If No Harm – Ralf GUM & CrisP Original Mix (GoGo Music/Promo)
Go Go Music label head goin' from strength to strength with the episode III of his debut-album alongside the much talented Rachel Claudio

BOBBY D'AMBROSIO featuring ARIF ST MICHAEL – Girl You Need A Change Of Mind – Louis Benedetti Club Mix (Soulshine Recordings)
Phat & massive…

MARCELO CRUZ – Soulsa – Main Mix (Deepnsound/Promo)
A deeper than deep Latin jazzy groove…

SOUL TEMPRESS – Intoxicated – DJ Roland Clark's IntoxiSoul Mix (Delete Records)
'Intoxicated', that's no doubt the threat on us while havin' a listen to this…

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