Here we go, ready to welcome you here on with an unpreceeding amount of features as parts of our Miami coverage, beginning with this most awaited TraxsourceINDAMIX Pre WMC'08 issue. But before goin' any further, we'd like to warmly thank those of you who've graced us with their newies and upcoming projects for the occasion…

At last, looks like this is pretty much it. I mean Miami and its unevitable preparations with the stress and eventually the pressure growing as time goes. No need tellin' you how we're deep on it after already consistent series of sleepless nites in hopes of havin everything in full effect for the D-Day. The First step of  this editorial marathon under process being this Pre WMC'08 TSIDM selection speakin' of which our final choice has been quite a pain where U guess because of so many worthwile pieces of music around… But that's the way it supposed to go at this specific period of the year, so let's stop complaining and heat it up!

So wot izit 2 expect dis year??? Well, I may be about into the cold water, but it pretty looks like a nu era is about to begin with the said contemporary groove obviously under some ongoing transformation process for quite some time. And with all those influences inherited from the past tending to be put together as one, the so called dance music could pretty well get back as to what it was some 25 years ago: a whole as opposed to the endless list of subvisions which have led to the birth of as many micro niches since… Getting from this, it's then no surprising to see an increasing amount of properly undefinable jams makin' abstraction of the long time established borderlines. Be it Spirit Of House Radio Show Australian presenter Alex Almeida, author of the perfect crime on the Latin/funk fused 'Raise Your Hands' sounding like an unlikely response to Santana with its rocking guitar solo over a syncopated rhythm close to breakbeat (Open Bar). But also that oustanding revisitation of V's 'Born Again' by Boddhi Satva and the latest givin' birth to a fascinating lascive nu lectro soul bumper (Vega). In obviously darker vein comes the title cut from to soon to be released In The Zone album by the Groove Junkies showing an until now unrevealed facet of the boys's undeniable talent twistin' deeptech-influenced synth lines over some funky broken beat rhythm (MoreHouse). Obviously in prey of inspiration these days, Nef Nunez adds another jewel to his growing collection with the aptly titled 'Vibrant', a deepnotic travel exploring the dubby spheres as retouched by Jesse Outlaw (Cyberjamz).

On a much jazzier side, Wil Milton brings us back to the early days of Larry Heard's famous Alleviated label back at the beginning of the 90's with the luminous vibraphone led 'District 30' (Blak Ink). Meanwhile Fabio Genito hardly hides his disco heroes (Vincent Montana Jr, The Salsoul Orchestra) on the jazzy/Afro-tribal 'Funk Affair' under the Jazzaffair Collective guise (Seed Recordings). Elsewhere, (DJ) Roland Clark delivers another brilliant MC performance on a Martin Luther King Jr kind of vein alongside Souldynamic on the phonky deeptech 'Make A Choice' (Tempogroove).

The present times have never looked so bright for Poji Records with an impressive amount of projects worth checking out. Our absolute favorite at the moment being the fruit of the collaboration between producer DJ Oji once again guilty of pure genius and female singer Ta whose interpretation reaches the upper heights on the bumpin' 'Time'. Meanwhile the soul headz are also offered the Brit soul reminiscent 'Like Sun In The Sky' – let's hope that the forecast in Florida won't be as bad as last year at the same period of the year – by the likes of Suges featuring the ultra sensuous Yoliwa over some warm African-influenced beat (SSR).

I wish I would have been able to come to Miami this year and chill with my people, but there's so much work to be done here. So all of you lucky ones on your way to be there, please do me as you a favour. Enjoy a Pina Colada by the sea while havin' a listen to this instant friendly and relaxing rework of Andy Tamashi featuring Victoria T's 'What's The Meaning Of Love' by Tony Loreto (Consrotium Muzik), then don't hesitate droppin' me a line to tell me about that suggestion when U have some time, right?

Need more? Course you do… So feel free to check our site in the coming days with a whole bunch of features to hit your screens as a part of our yearly Miami coverage, from reviews of upcoming projects currently not available here on TS to make yourselves already an idea, to interviews and our famous daily reports courtesy of head Michael Fossati.

Last but not least, expect our TSIDMW column to get some wider exposure starting from the next issue while being offered an extra home in addition to SpiriOfHouse and IDMW by our long time friends Mark Stone and Valentino Leggio of UDM Show… Peace y'all MFSB

TraxsourceINDAMIX Pre WMC'08 Tennerz

TA – Time – Original Extended Vocal Mix (Poji)
That man Oji once again reachin' those heights like no one else with this insame bumpin' piece of modern soul enlightened by the blatant interpretation of female singer Ta.

ALEX ALMEIDA – Raise Your Hands – Low End Mix (Open Bar)
Not doubt, one of the most smoking blends you could ever think of putting together Latin, funk and rock influences over some breakbeat-influenced pattern

V – Born Again – Boddhi Satva & Mr V Retouch (Vega Records)
Another brilliant demonstration of the contemporary groove currently reinventing itself with this lascive nu-lectro soul fueled jam…

SOUL OASIS presents NEF NUNEZ – Vibrant - Jesse Outlaw Remix (Cyberjamz)
Vibrant seems the very last that oughta be said in regards to this deepnotic magnet subtly embarkin' us on dubby flavaed territories under the control of Jesse Outlaw

ANDY TAMASHI featuring VICTORIA T – What's The Meaning Of Love – Tony Loreto SS Vocal Remix (Consortium Muzik)
Tony Loreto varying the pleasures, on this instantly feel good reshape made relaxing with the addition of first class jazzy keys…

SUGES featuring YOLIWA – Like The Sun In The Sky – Original Version (SSR)
Right on time for the arrival of Spring comes that sensuous celebration sounding like an updated version of Brit Soul. Sensuous & vibrant over some warm African-influenced beat.

SOULDYNAMIC & DJ ROLAND CLARK – Make A Choice – Bad Choice Mix (Tempogroove)
Another brilliant MCing performance courtesy of (DJ) Roland Clark reminding of the late Revd on this phonky deeptech jam.

WIL MILTON – District 30 (Blak Ink)
The NYC Gravity host engulfing back in the daze of the memorable Alleviated Records era with this intoxicating piece o' deep jazz…

JAZZAFFAIR COLLECTIVE – Funk Affair – Fabio Genito's Main Mix (Seed Recordings)
Italy's upcoming producer Fabio Genito starring as the director of of what might be seen as a jazzy Afro-tribal extrapolation of The Salsoul Orchestra's 'Love Breaks' classic…

GROOVE JUNKIES – In The Zone – GJ's & Raw Mix (MoreHouse)
Quite an infectious dark deeptech broken beatish construction putting to the light another facet of the undeniable talent of the Groove Junkies…

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