Caaaaaan U Feeeeel It? Course you can or should. This most likely applying to those of you currently fighting against the clock to get their projects ready for the Miami upcomin' round. As for what concerns us at this precise moment, the beat keeps on goin' with an unceasin' flow of aural goodies to grace our mind, body & soul. Welcome to TSIDM # 4!

Another 15 days and this will be pretty much it, with countless house cohorts travellin' down to Miami from all over the world. No need to remind those of you willing to have the fruit of their efforts given the necessary exposure on time are more than strogly suggested to post them to our attention by Wednesday March, 12 the latest!!!

You slowly becomin' regular of this space from an issue to another – and I more particularly mean those of you who've discover what we're about since the inclusion of this column as a part of Traxsource's content – should then know how we're far more into atmospheres as opposed to beats for beats… And God hopefully knows how spoilt we are nowadays with vibes comin' from all over the planet...

Wonder when Chicago-based DJ Staxx takes time to rest those days. Yes o'course folks, I mean that man better known as… Abicah Soul!!! Hard not to make the comparison with Ron Trent with his way of developing magnificient hypnotizing grooves, although on a slightly different approach, with that slice of lectrofied vibes, settin' him quite apart. Another not to be missed illustration bein' his syncopated rendition of Nef Nunez featuring Lydia Rhodes's 'Firefly' where soul litteraly touches the Grail (deepaGROOVES). Extra (good vibes) from our champion given on the jazzy deepnotizing 'Versatility' under the Abicah Soul Project banner (Abicah Soul Records). There's definitely something of the moment when comin' to listen to the 'Spoken Word Mix' of DJ Roland Clark's 'Feel Da Rhythm'   although it's quite hard not to feel Jihad Muhammad's trademark on the piano arrangements. Really love the emphasis on this classy aerial atmosphere – thanks to the moarning string lines in addition - serving as the ideal environment of that story telling (Delete Records).

Another man whose productions have fast become a part of our want list is Boddhi Satva. Currently waiting for his upcoming album to be released under the form of a joint venture with Yoruba Records, we catch him alongside Afefe Iku on another not to be missed jewel titled 'Manda Island' speakin' of which the first word that comes to mind is magnet-ic (Yoruba). Meanwhile it's definitely hard not to be reminded of Ron Trent while listening to the remix of Satva's own 'Get Up' as retouched by Trinidadian Deep under the USG North guise (Seed Recordings). Meanwhile, expect his recent 'Warriors Of Africa' featuring Freddy Massamba released on his own Offering label soon to be given a new life with add'l remixes on Shelter Records!!!

Africa, celebrated as well on DJ Said's 'No Solution' displayin' spoken words on a bouncin' beat that should reach the expectations of the Afrobeat die-hard fans (Fatsoul Records). Meanwhile French upcomin' producer Arnaud D comes up with with the lectrodeeptech flava-ed 'I'm Africa' featuring MJ White on its original form, then goin' deeper ways synthswise on his Afro Beat Remix (Music Plan).

Can't help myself remembering The O'Jay's classic 'I Love Music' and makin' those words mine – 'I love music, Any kind Of Music, I love music as long as it's groovy' – when havin' a look around at all those different vibes makin' their ways to us on a nearly daily rhythm… Obviously geared towards intimate places is Cosmo-Star with his killing me softly – 'Sunset Luvin' as redesigned by Doruk Ozlen displayin' awesome arrangements on this vibrant jazzy affair (Sofitone). Hard to resist to the subtly balanced original version of 'All The Love You Need' by the likes of Roed Svensk featuring the silky voice of Diana Waite over jazzy keys, with Raul Moros puttin' it in both deeper and funkier territories (Reelgroove). NYC label Slaag Records returns in fine form with Eddie Nicholas's 'You Left Me' as redesigned by Taka Boon droppin' lectrojazzy vibes on it. The Fuzion men – Franke Estevez & George Mena – once again showin' us how they are definitely a gifted creative force to count with on the mesmerizing 'Lose Control' featuring Temple Dynasty as subtly retouched by Chris Perez (Fuzion). But also the jazzy abstract 'Bop To This' displayin' vocal scats and a whole bunch of subtle electronic effects over Latin-influenced percussions (deepaGROOVES).

Good vibes comin' from almost everywhere at the moment – mind you, Miami's just a fortnight away – with the Brits remindin' us how they've always had their own recipe as far as soul music is concerned. Startin' with the brilliant 'Amazing' by Reel People featuring an incredible interpretation courtesy of Tony Momrelle & Imaani with our preference goin' to the vintage sounding Radio Edit (Papa Records). Those of you in da house, be you regular either to Traxsource, SpiritOfHouse or Indamixworldwide, should have heard at least once of Soularis and his Sunsoaked Mixes over the past months. Well, our man is back in full effect alongside charismatic male vocalist Kenny Thomas on the instantly appealing funky driven 'If You Believe' enlightened by lush keys (Sunsoaked). Meanwhile The Sunburst Band's 'He Is'  receives the remix treatment of Tea Party Music label head Ian Friday, reachin' new heights on his cinematmospheric rework embedding vocal choirs effects reminiscent of Ennio Morricone's arrangements on his memorable movie soundtracks around spoken words and over a bouncin' bassline (Z Records).

On a far more directive approach is the somehow darky atmospheric funky driven 'Garage Fame' by Darren Campbell mixin' different elements from post-disco influenced riffs to distorted synths horn FX. Quite groovy indeed although I wonder bout the choice of such a title (Sounds Of Subway). Deeper on that abstract vein with Glasgow-based prolific producer Ross Couch droppin' another hottie under the form of the infamous 'Everything's Connected' sounding like a contemporary response to what disco/funk would be back in da daze (Body Rhythm). For those of you into in yer face abstract jams, Tricircle label head DJ Circle comes up with a terrific dub of Replay featuring Rhalmia's 'Everyday Is Saturday', destined to put the floors in fire.

One of the notorious advantages of the electronically made music is its aptitude to embrace almost anything from almost everywhere, such has brilliantly demonstrated by Azizy and (Avi) Elman (of the UPZ fame) on the Eastern-influenced 'Constantinople' melting tribal chants over what sounds like an oud on a deeptech-driven phat groove (soWhat). Many years have gone since Marcel was about the only one geared towards house in Hungary, with the local scene progressively establishing itself on the worldwide circuit. Another example being given by Danny L and Sullivan with their recent 3 tracker – 'Adventures EP' released under their Muzzaik guise on ProgCity Deep, incorporating European techno not to say trance inherited elements on their in yer face approaches obviously destined to the bigger rooms. Yes folks, we're speakin' bout nuttin' but one of the countless consequences of what is reknown as the globalization, with influences not anymore only comin' from America or England, but definitely from everywhere before bein' given their translations which vary from a country to another. This resulting in an unceasing redefinition of the expression of music contributing to make it so alive, as shown by US-based veteran producer Eric Kupper whose music looks like exploring new territories from a release to another. Is it house, is it techno or whatever? Who da F*** cares as long as it's synonymous with instant transportation such as guaranted when listening to the bumbin' and aerial 'Dreamstate' under his K-Scope moniker (NiteGrooves). The proper of music, like any other language, is to evolve and if not dyin' like Latin or Antic Greek for instance. This bein' no doubt what our Heya Hifi brothers have in mind when comin' to drop another release. As a result, expect the unexpectable on their Bangana signed cocktails such as the Brazilian sensually sung 'Aurora' over an atmospheric lectrobossaish contruction. Jazz not house/house not jazz??? Maybe both of them at the end of the day on the quite seducing Alex Dimitri's reinterpretation of Bos's 'The Music' with the latest givin' a brilliant display of both his sensibility and skills with his saxophone (Music Plan).

Leavin' you the way we've started this column in the company of one of the most in-demand man of the moment. In other words, Scott Wozniak displayin' another facet of his talent on the deeptechy synths driven 'Automatic' with female vocalist Angela Linares sensually droppin' spoken words over a killin' bassline (Funk La Planet).

That's pretty much it from us now with the extended version of this column available both on and And dontcha ever forget our next rendez-vous on this page is right before the Conference with our corresponding issue being already full of unmissable jams. So be sure you drop us your submissions before Wed. 03/12 if willin' to have extra exposure for the occasion. Peace y'all. MFSB

TraxsourceINDAMIX TENNERZ 03/04/2007

– Firefly – Abicah Soul Remix (deepaGROOVES/Promo)
Abicah Soul at the epicenter of subtly lectroified soul on this insane syncopated corker. Need I say more???

– Manda Island (Yoruba)
IT-B-GAN-IN-A-FRI-KA. A promising first offshot taken from Afefe Iku's new album alongside the ever more magnetic Boddhi Satva.

– He Is – Ian Friday Tea Party Mix (Z Records/Promo)
Ian Friday at its absolute peak with this vibrant reinterpretation enlightened by wickeeed spoken words and Ennio Morricone inspired vocal FX over lush arrangements. UN-MISS-ABLE!!!

– Feel Da Rhythm – Spoken Word Mix (Delete Records)
Love the emphasis of those moaning strings lines takin' both Jihad Muhammad jammin' piano and Clark's story tellin' to heaven!

– Sunset Lovin' – Doruk Ozlen Remix (Sofitone/Promo)
Deeper than deeeeep (jazz)… Cosmo-Star and Doruk Ozlen made it !!!

– Get Up – USG North Remix (Seed Recordings)
Anotha sample of where Boddhi music may be taken when bein' graced with the Urban Sound Gallery signature left c/o Trinidadian Deep.

– Amazing – Radio Edit (Papa Records/Promo)
Much reminding of those cool funk grooves back in the beginning of the eighties as championed by producers such as Kashif, Leon Sylvers III and The System to name a few.

– Lose Control – C Perez Vox Mix (Fuzion)
Franke Estevez & George Mena makin' their way as an unstoppable family affair this time with Temple Dynasty and long time brother Chris Perez in absolute fine form. Can't wait for the album release!!!

– Believe - Sunsoaked Mix (Sunsoaked Records/Promo)
The Brits givin' us another display of what makes them sound so apart from everyone with this enlightening jazzyphonkgroove…

– Automatic – Wozniak Vocal Mix (Funk La Planet/Promo)
Our man recently admitted he didn't know what to do with a turkey burger. But who cares as long he serves us with the right elements and he does on this syncopated synths led techy influenced groove!!!

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