Well, well, well… Only 6 weeks have passed with this year already illuminated by a whole bunch of aural jewels of all genres. Kinda hard for our wallets, but so revitalizing as far as our ears are concerned. And if on this page (be it either on spiritofhouse.com or indamixworldwide.com), this means you're pretty much expecting more. So welcome to the Extended version of TSIDM # 3 with soundabytes made available on traxsource.com (except when stated) while clicking on the links…

Craziness is just around the bent by the time we speak with competition for supremacy seeming at its peak although we're still another 6 weeks away from the Conference with one Q comin' to mind: How will it be then???

"Mentalinstrum" seems the least we can say bout Jacko aka Giacomo Berarducci's first production alongside Tony Loreto comin' up with the fascinating post-discoïd "Anthem" sounding like a futuristic response to Giorgio Moroder's classic thema from "Midnight Express" with some wickeeed synth lines (Tony Records). The undeniable power of attraction of music resides in its ability to accompany Humanity on almost every circumstances one might think of meanwhile suggesting a continuous flow of countless images. A fairly good illustration to this bein' given by Martino's latest titled "Chemtrails" taken from his "Dark Days EP" on 2Twenty. Is it really dark at the end of the day? Pretty much depends on the mood we're currently on. Personaly speakin', would be tempted to take it as some ultimate shuffle of the north wind before the arrival of Spring, although its shootingalike construction would perfectly fit as the unlikely soundtrack of some film by the likes of the late Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

Quite at the opposite is the vibrant "Dutchy" by Miskibo as retouched by Desansis on Roma-based label Proceed Recordings. A lascive deep instrumental groove obviously marked by those typical influences around the Mediteranean sea, from Greece to Italy, not to mention Ibiza (I mean its interesting side!!!), which should find space on selections by people such as Phil'Cantoma' Mison, Bruno Del Mar, Chris Coco and of course Jose Padilla. Beauty granted again while havin' a listen to Genetix's rework of Ricardo Miranda's "Soul Late EP", delivering another pure aural bliss with his aerial keys and vibrant synths lines (Noble Square).

On a far more bumpin' festive vein, one half of Soul Creation pair, Jose Burgos comes up with a massive dancefloor destruction weapon under the form of the disco/influenced "Time Warp Revisited – Guitar Mix" sounding like a jam between Lonnie Liston-Smith and T-Connection with the enlightment of aerial key arrangements + a rhythmic guitar solo alla Carlos Santana (deepaGROOVES). Exactly 40 years have gone since Revd Martin Luther King Jr's murder and his influence seems timeless with new parts of his statement included on the deep post disco/jazzy influenced "Rising Up" by quite prolific Glaswegian producer Ross Couch (OneThirty).

French stable Qalomota Records looks like goin' from strength to strength, droppin' the summery sensuous "Kalahari" courtesy of Rufuss. One of those timeless grooves you never get tired of – thanks to its jazzy lead guitar part producing effects to be compared to those of an Ibanez (haven't had the confirmation if it's one of those actually) over some Africa/calypso-influenced rhythm. Anyway, a pure delight reminding of those famous George Benson's constructions back at the end of the 70's!

Anotha quite in full effect Froggie is none other than Paris The 5 Beats host Franck Roger with a whole bunch of bullets on his belt such as the most awaited'The Renegade EP' speakin' of which you'll be provided with further development as time goes. As for now, our man is firmly on da blocks with the vibrant "Blind Way" much reminicent of that Chicago sound back in the days ands more particularly the seminal Robert Owens's'I'll be Your Friend' (Real Tone). No mention to Abicah Soul this time, although we could have found something interesting. Instead and as fascinating and ready to take us to the heights is Demarkus Lewis's subtle rework of Zona's heartfelt "Peace, Love & Understanding" over a tickling synth line with, here again, some keys reminding of Soul II Soul (Kapa Music). Meanwhile, the same Lewis alongside female vocalist singer Marissa Guzman receive the remix treatment of fast rising remixer Genetix on "Get Yourself Together" on a phat deep phonk vocoderised vein (Soulstar). Andy Tamashi being given the (brilliant) remix treatment by Abicah Soul on his recently released "The Meaning Of Love" featuring Victoria T on Consortium Muzik gets our favor with his deep revamp of Miss Yvonne's magnificient "Confusion" adding extra credit to this label to be definitely considered as one of the most interesting stables hailing from Chicago over those last months.

Those of you livin' in UK who were already around at the end of the eighties may remember of Jeff Young's famous Big Beat show on (BBC) Radio 1… A man who, to me, stands among the best alltime broadcasters on a worldwide scale, speaking of whom I'm pretty sure he would have shaken his memorable bell while givin' an introduction to the insane "Work It Out" by Groove Junkies featuring Wendy Brune. An absolute boilin' hot corker brilliantly twistin post-disco,funk and jazz vibes over a killing vocal performance by the latest which, as a result, is to receive our own ring a ding-ding! (MoreHouse). Ready to face what stands as her biggest challenge so far, Anané comes up with a whole bunch of remixes of her unmissable'Walking On Thin Ice' with Louie'Lou' Gorbea's havin' our preference as an appetizer of her soon to be released debut-LP on Tommy Boy (Expect a bit of x-tra infos to be delivered by producer Louie Vega himself on our soon to be delivered life footage in conjunction with www.djontv.com).

Going deeper in UK by the country side where Andy Compton and Madame better known as… The Rurals are living, to be delivered with the phonk-intimate "Strange Ways" tasting like another slice of smooth soul being the trademark of those 2 over some aquatic soundalike-based cool beat. Hmmm! So exquisite… (Digipeng). Another pair going from strength to strength is no doubt Franco/Australian twosome Nicolas Vauthier & Rachel Claudio seing their last year released'Do You Even Know' given another life with brand new reworkings and most notoriously the brilliant and classy soul/jazzy funk revamp by Soul Harmonics which has the ability to hit a whole array of different crowds (Jaffa Music).

It's gonna be a bit more than 2 weeks after the memorable Super Tuesday in America and can't resist mentioning some interesting remix of Will.i.am's "Yes We Can" as a support to the election of U.S. Senator Barack Obama by Carlos Mena available for free download on his MySpace page (www.myspace.com/casamena). Another unmissable edit is undoubtedly French outfit Blackjoy's revamp of'Love Lifted Me' sounding like a vintage 70's disco/funk gem. Had to do some little research work to realize the original, courtesy of Jessie Dixon, had been released as a part of UK label Soul Jazz imprint's Gospel Compilation  a couple of years ago. This said, here as well another not to be missed groove which you may be provided a listen to on Domino's MySpace page (www.myspace.com/domino).

And the beat goes definitely on for R&B soul singer Alicia Keys seing another of her countless efforts under the form of'No Way' receiving the remix treatment by Davidson Ospina on a much friendly synthesized phonk way (Arista). Meanwhile Erykah Badu keeps on rockin' over the smooth phonk R&B-ish 9th Wonder produced'Honey' (Motown). A cut speakin' of which ever busy DJ Ricco has recently sent me his own rework, droppin' dark synths over some midtempo phat beat which, no doubt, would aptly deserve some official release (CDR). Keepin' on our way flirting with the most intimate side of contemporary soul with the heartfelt "Slavery Days" by Claudia Acuna somehow reminding of Björk, not only in terms of interpretation but also as far as the arrangements are concerned with the addition of Irish folk sounding violins (Lion1music). Philly-based diva Lady Alma reachin' new heights on the funk gospel-flavaed "Higher" alongisde UK pair Fanatix, for the true soul headz (Dope Wax).

Frankly speaking and those of you who's already got the chance to get there won't contradict me when stating how Iceland is far from being the first place we would ever think of in terms of inspirational deep & soulful vibes… This said, there had to be an exception, the latest being male vocalist Seth Sharp delivering a performance in the caliber of the ones of those singers such as Arnold Jarvis or Robert Owens on the firing "Every Sunday" as remixed by Sole label head Steve Sole givin' the whole exactly what's needed in terms of lectrifying F-X… "Every Day Is Saturday" is no doubt quite a suggestive title as far as Swiss pair Replay's new cut is concerned and the fact is it's obviously taylor made for peak time on the floors, with our preference going to Robert Rivera's Soul Afro Mix on a quite Brazilian-influenced festive vein (TriCircle). Meanwhile Zweiklang's last year "Outro Lugar" receives the midas bleepy festive touch of Italian chief Fabio Tosti on a very inspired vein (Music Plan). This being pretty much from us on this extended version of TSIDM issue # 3. See ya in a fortnight with another series of not to be missed jams already tickling our curiosity. But nuff said to keep the effect of surprise alive… MFSB

TraxsourceINDAMIX TENNERZ (02-15/02-29/2008)

– Work It Out – GJ's  Main Vox (MoreHouse)
Already seen as a serious contender for domination in Miami… Remember where you've read this first! 

– Anthem (Tony Records)
Can't resist to the emphasis of this cinematiclike progression into the matrix of a smooth epic letrogruv. A deep statement of Art!

– Time Warp Revisited – Guitar Mix (deepaGROOVES)
Deep, funky, jazzy and subtly percussive… This post-disco-influenced groove has the potential to set the dancefloors on fire…

– Blind Way (Real Tone)
Another boilin' hot groove by the likes of The 5 Beats head somehow reminding of Robert Owens's classic'I'll be Your Friend'!

– Kalahari – Main Mix (Qalomota)
A timeless slice of warm jazz groove. Happiness is just around the bent!

– Peace, Love & Understanding – Demarkus Lewis Remix) (Kapa Music)
'P,L & U' or the perfect anthem in regards to what house music is about, served with the ideal ingredients to bless our minds, bodies & souls…

– Get Yourself Together – Genetix Remix (Soulstar)
Hard to find a better response to'P,L & U' than this atmospheric deep slightly vocoderised phonk groove as relifted by fast rising sound designer Genetix in a fascinating way…

– Strange Ways – Original (Digipeng)
UK countryside-based Andy Compton & Madame have established their smooth & melodic signature for quite some time w. this latest effort bein' no exception.

– Chemtrails (2Twenty)
A fascinating aural scenario sounding like an endless dive into the wild side of the depth!

– Every Sunday – Steve Sole Remix) (Sole)
A firing piece of lectrified phonk groove…

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