Yaow boyz ‘n’ gyrlz. Here we go with the (already) second issue of the TraxsourceINDAMIX column to hit yer screens differently depending on the place you get it from for the sole reason of differences of formats. On an edit version on TS, meanwhile you’re provided with say the 12’’ extended version either on IDMW and long time brother Michael Fossati’s Spiritofhouse.com platform. Anyway, wherever you may be, welcome on board!!!

Couldn’t start this second installment of our fortnightly rendez-vous without a special thought to Kickin’/Slip’N’Slide head Peter Harris and Detroit hailing Ron Murphy, responsible of the cutting & mastering of some of the biggest techno tunes comin’ from the Motor City who’ve both passed away on the first daze of this year. Save a place on the dancefloor for them beside Uncle Mel!!!

Somehow easy as a transition some of you might think with the cut by the name by Linkwood, sounding like an unlikely jam session between Larry Heard and French disco outfit Space responsible of the unforgettable ‘Carry On’ back in the days (Prime Numbers). On the far opposite atmosphere is the revamp package of Scarpi’s ‘Your Love’ originally released on Paul Farris’s Con Brio imprint. And no doubt a sure shot winner (thanks to Reelgroove’s head Greg Dorban) with a bit of everything for everyone. The song itself, the groove, the arrangements, the atmosphere with a bit of festive Latin flava and the production, somehow reminding of Louie Vega’s constructions on the vibrant Santi Touch Vocal mix. A Kool & The Gang’s ‘She’s Fresh’ sort of influenced bassline over a progressive intro leadin’ to an atmosphere reminicent of Simply Red’s rendition of ‘Money’s Too Tight To Mention over a sensuous male vocal performance, that’s what to expect on Deep Factor’s ‘Down On It’. As many elements makin’ this originally Womack & Womack penned song an absolute worth the listen affair (Feelin’ Music). There’s definitely an air of deja vu on Danny Clark featuring Nicole Tyler’s ‘Fading To Grey’, quite reminding of those disco days as embodied by The Emotions. In other words, friendly mood granted over a whole bunch of jazzy horns and a drivin’ phat bassline (Barcoda). Obviously on a happy mood as well is Jeremias Santiago alongside female singer Char Delvaille on the bumpin’ ‘Set Me Free’ over an instantly identifiable hook, enlightened by a cool’n’ jazzy vibraphone part (FTL). Among the UK garage champions for some time, Wookie redesigns ‘When I Fall’ for Stevie Wonder/Lathun obviously influenced male singer Lez with an appealin’ way that should feed the appetites of those into the Fall Out label revisitations (Waking Monster). Quite into the Latin vibes on his latest efforts, much in view Rasmus Faber delivers another stunning interpretation of Studio Apartment featuring Ron Carrol’s ‘I’m In Love’ while techyfyin’ the beat and adding orgasmic string lines (King Street). Never too late speakin’ of good vibes ezven though released quite a some time ago as it’s the case regarding the aptly titled ‘So Fine’ by the likes of UNess. My God…Ness, would U B-lieve dis??? No less than 10 mixes to choose from with our preference going straight to the original seing

label head/producer Youness Raji playin’ the game on this deep Latin/Balearic-influenced bumper enlightened by a jazzy sax solo and poppy vocal parts over a trancey feel. I-ne-vi-ta-ble if you ever have missed it by the time of its release and not too late to jump on this (SoulHeat Records).

Men, men, men. Those who know might remember of Sal Russo who was the owner of the famous BPM record shop in Paris years ago. A man who had that gift of talkin’ bout music like NO other. Can’t help myself suddenly remembering of him almost crying when speakin’ of those Chicago heroes such as Ten City, Larry Heard and cohorts back in the daze. And I guess the self penned and produced ‘Press On’ by the likes of Robert Owens would definitely have had the same effect on him. Can’t wait for the release of his awaited Night-Time Stories new album (Compost). Among the most promising (deep) house producers back in the days of the defunct Nu Groove stable, Reiji & Ronald Burrell better known as the Burrell Brothers were to make a significant turn on the R&B scene a few years later. Well, pretty looks like Ruben Vidal and Ricardo Wilkinson are doing the same on the reverse way. And what a debut they do under the DJN Project banner alongside male singer Rick Galactik with the awesome and vibrant ‘I Feel For You’, aptly to put those of us into mental/introspective vibes upside down!!! (Open Bar). Chicago again & again with the return of veteran singer Keith Nunally alongside DJ Fritz aka Soul Child on the jazzy aerial ‘Life Is A Melody’ as delivered on its original version, adding much to the growin’ interest on Fabio Tosti’s Music Plan imprint.

Pretty much looks like there’s some forza Italia around with many tifosi at the forefront, from Beppe Gioia to Alex Dimitri and DJ Mama to name a few. House not jazz, jazz not house… jazz not jazz. Here’s pretty much what to expect on… ‘My Jazz’ by the likes of Alex Dimitri featuring Dieghito delivered with a whole array of different mixes to choose from even though our preference goes to the original (Gotta Keep Faith). From Bologna, DJ Rame & DJ Uovo better known as the Pasta Boys recook Ananda Project’s ‘Where The Music Takes You’ serving the whole with quite a tasty sauce made of a subtle minimal progression over a syncopated phonk groove. And a special mention to UK pair The Rurals for delivering another sample of their hi sensibility on their smooth and intimate rework of ‘Stay As You Are’ for Chris Bran’s posse, not that far away from the memorable Naked Music sound (King Street). Even more introspective sounds the abyssal ‘Kuchwa’ by Steve SoulBasics fusing Afro tribal chants on a bumpin’ kinda lazy groove as delivered on the Original Version with Boddhi Satva providing a worth to check alternative remix adding much hypnocity to the whole (Seed Recordings)…

Music at the end of the day has much in common with women, in the sense of it doesn’t need a bunch of artifices and make up when it’s naturally beautiful. This bein’ the case of this collab between Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla under the Deep Key Soul Project with the bottomless smoothly Latin-fused ‘Oya’ which should feed the appetites of those into Joe Claussell and Antonio Ocasio’s pieces of art (Deepnsound). And the same comment to apply to man of the moment DJ Stax aka Abicah Soul givin’ another display of his incredible versatility on the awesome ‘Melodic Tree’ speakin’ of which I can’t help myself establishin’ some link with Jazzie B’s approaches back in the Soul II Soul days, this with the addition of Latin elements (Abicah Soul Records). Ever thought this would be enuff as far as our man is concerned? No way, as he teams up once again with Cei Bei (remember their previous works on Jellybean Soul) on the infectious syncopated synths led ‘Dance Or Evacuate’ reachin’ unequalled heights (Abicah Soul Records). More abstract deep vibes with Andrew Chibale delivering the minimal '35 After' enlightened with a fascinating synth construction over a fat bumpin' bassline (Next Dimension Music).

Another name to have a careful check is one half of Agora Rhythm twosome Tetsu Shibuya aka Brisa, responsible of a brilliant 2 tracker titled ‘10000 Miles Away’/’Synchronicity’ sein’ him flirting with both trance, techno and atmospheric vibes. Is this deep tech? Who cares would respond the late Miles Davis speakin’ of which there was good music on one hand with Brisa (undoubtedly on it),and the bad one on the other (NiteGrooves). Meanwhile, on a slightly more trancey/bleepy vein is the heavily recommanded MyMy Remix of Kimouts ‘Down To Earth’ (Buzzin’ Fly).

Chicago Sunday Nites hero DJ Sean Smith delivers a boiling EP aptly titled ‘Tracks From The Vault vol.1’ made of fierce bumpin’ grooves whereas he excels in the art of creatin’ contrasts while mixin’ beats’N’bops inherited from a whole bunch of influences from techno to deep house and atmospherism featuring the infectious ‘Test Of Time’ (Smooth Agent Records). On the same label, Cesar Ramirez goes deeper into his obvious Latin roots on a quite versatile 3 tracker going from the jazz not jazz/tap dance-influenced ‘Blue Ligt Special’ to the percussive ‘Center Of My Mind’ in addition to the deepinsane aptly titled ‘Latin Vibes’ on some fascinating groove enlightened by aerial keys.

Quite far away… Seems the least we can say, but that’s also why we love music, is the jackin’ jazzy ‘Don’t Mess With Us’ by NYC twosome Hustle & Flow carrying an extravaganza which seems inherited both from borica influences and that typical British moved forward mood (Flatpack Traxx).

Thanks to all of those who’ve helped us givin’ shape to this issue while providin’ us with their current & upcomin’ projects. As far the others, please remember: NO SOUNDBYTES = NO REVIEWS!!!

See ya in a fortnight with already a whole bunch of extra grooves ready to be given our full support.

Peace y’all,

TraxsourceINDAMIX Tennerz (01/15-30/2008)

DJN PROJECT featuring RICK GALACTIK – I Feel For You (Original) (Open Bar)
Instant feel for this beautiful song sounding like a declaration which I’d like to dedicate to someone who recently made irruption in my life…
LINKWOOD - R.I.P. (Prime Numbers/Promo)
A fascinating dive into futuristic psychedublectro-sphericphonk with a moarning vocal interpretation.
ABICAH SOUL featuring DA NUTZ – Melodic Tree (Original Soul Ritual Mix) (Abicah Soul Records/Promo)
Naaaah, Not gettin’ commissionned by Stax & Co. S’like dat. Luv dis… melodic classic jazz jam twisted w. a bit of Spanish funk elements…
ROBERT OWENS – Press On (Compost)
Another facet of the undoubtedly interesting world of Mista Owens with some Eastern deep & jazzy touch of make up at the end provided by none other that him…self !
SCARPI – Your Love (Santi Touch Full Vocal) (Reelgroove/Promo)
A blissful four tracker destined to fullfil the expectations of those into sophisticated vibes…
DEEP FACTOR – Down On It (Main Vocal Mix) (Feelin’ Music/Promo)
A classy rendition of this Womack & Womack penned song.
DEEP KEY SOUL PROJECT – Oya (DNS Flute Mix) (Deepnsound)
A pure Latin beauty standing with an incredible depth in her eyes without the singlest drop of artifice!
ANANDA PROJECT – Where The Music Takes You (Pasta Boys Main) (King Street)
Dunno boutcha. Me like where and how those tifosi take us with this hypnolectronic syncopation!
ANDREW CHIBALE – 35 After (Next Dimension Music)
Much reminding of those synths arrangements around back in the end of the 80‘s such as on the introduction of Life On Earth’s ‘Can’t Give You Up’ over a rumblin’ bassline.
HUSTLE & FLOW – Don’t Mess With (Original) (Flatpak Traxx)
Pretty looks like Don’t Mess With Us is the current mood at IDMW HQ!!! This in yer face serious piece of moved forward jazz has been tickling my head for some time…

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