As you may imagine, I'll never say enuff how havin' our DSL system endly back in full effect makes the things far much easier. Time to come up with our latest delivery of new sensations with big ups to Michael Fossati of Spirit Of House for keepin' us posted inbetween…

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The end of 2K7 is just around the bent, with a competition for domination that has never been so big. This leavin' us graced with an amazing amount of goodies to please your ears and make you dance your asses off for the upcoming festivities. Thanks to those (producers, DJ's, PR's and the likes) who've put their shoes on Santa Claus's in advance, providing us with the (right) amunitions…

Among the most prolific producers at the moment is Alix 'Sole Channel' Alvarez. We catch him on his own on the bumpin' and soulful 'Not To Mention' alongside a promising vocalist by the likes of Nate James (MN2S) but also with female singer Malena Perez on some deeper'N'cooler vein on the apty titled 'Cool Lil' Thing' with harder influenced reworkings courtesy of Alex Romano (Nervous). Meanwhile, on the remix front, his recent relift of BLVD East & Louie Gorbea's 'A Journey Into…' is a not to be missed thang for those into the Latin vibes (Coco Soul). Not to mention his syncopated relift of 'Shake Black Star' for Grantorino awaited for official release on 01/10/2008, somehow reminding of Slow Supreme's 'Granada', among our favourites at the time (Raisani/Promo).

Can't wait for the 5 Beats live footage due to be available by the end of next January/beginning of February on the recently launched featuring both Alix Alvarez, Mr V and Franck Roger. While we wait, the latest has just revamped his 2004 classic 'If I' as sung by Chris Wonder, keepin' its original emotion alive on an awesome brand new environment (Franck Roger Digital). No doubt among the most prolific and uprising producers hailing from France at the moment is Lyon-based Rocco with his… Lyonnaise Mix for Nikos featuring K'Bana's 'Makin' Me High' to be taken as one of his best reworks so far and also our absolute favourite from this package (Under My Skin) with a warm yassou to Greece's famous DJ Pascal for linkin' us with the aforementioned.

On top of our list and definitely among the best efforts of this year  is Italy's Luis Radio alongside house diva Sabrina Johnston on the devastating 'Hope & Faith', much reminiscent of the New Jersey sound at its absolute best in terms of arrangements led by an unmissable church-influenced organ part courtesy of Stefano Guerra over a rollin' bassline (CityDeep). Another serious contender for supremacy is no doubt Central Avenue's 'Keep Me Comin' Back' featuring Caterina Rea & Simon Green on Barcoda. No less than an 8 track digital package as displayed on Traxsource displayin' the talent of Swiss team Panevino among others reachin' unsuspected levels over a killer bassline on the remix duty (Barcoda). From Italy to Switzerland is only one border to cross up to North with Mark Stone on the remix duty on Barbara Tucker co-written 'Now That I Found You' for Dawn Tallman. Quite a feel good revamp to be credited to UDM Show head and IDMW long time friend with fresh additional keys courtesy of José Espasandin (Equal). Switzerland being a mountainous country, one Stone leads no surprisingly to another, this time with Steve whose new release is awaited on Stalwart under the form of the seducive 'Music Sounds So Good With You' featuring singer Derek B. Whitley delivered with reworks of the much in view Dom Navarra and Anto Vitale. The first layin' the whole on a flock of percussions with the subtlty which has contributed to make its contribution ; the latest on a moodypnotic smooth way. Not to be missed.

Goin' further East and crossing Austria leads to Hungary. Not that much so far on the house front apart from the quite transient Marcel who made quite some waves back at the end of the 90's. Well, things are on their way to change with Budapest-based outfit Muzzaik makin' their debut on Nite Grooves with the bossa-influenced 'Mellow' featuring female singer Virag Keszthelyi over an enlightening organ part by the likes of keyboardist Ivan Gatos for those of you in search of sensuous vibes.

Quite ironical I guess on a Stateside perspective to see the so called Old Continent (in other words, Europe!) on its (hard) way for unification. Hopefully, local talents haven't waited for this to become history. One good illustration being given by prolific Italian stable Gotta Keep Faith Records on their 35th release being the result of the reunion between Swedish producer Martin Eriksson and Nigerian singer Kevin David Itchekor, aka Rhody & Kaydee deliverin' 'Release The Beauty' with the help of a whole bunch of remixers comin' from USA to Switzerland, former Yugoslavia, UK and France. The latest, by the likes of Melchyor A havin' our preference, built on a subtle sample taken from Soul II Soul's 'People' taken from the 1990 Soul II Soul 1990 - A New Decade released album. Another man who's had quite a busy year is no doubt UK-based Domenico Navarra both on the production and the remix fronts. Although havin' his famous 'So Lonely' recently reworked by a whole array of different peeps, his original version remains the best from far, takin' us on atmospheric territories meanwhile leavin' the ideal space for female singer Monique Henry to express her sensibility. With the good news being that the 9:40' full length version has been added on the package as delivered by Brazilian-based label Grooveland.

Latin America looks like more geared towards the dance music as perceived on our Western shores. The latest name to follow being Argentinian nu comer Alfredo Norese droppin' his first contribution on Steal Vybe under the form of the funked up 'Getting Down' featuring female vocalist Kaysee. Our preference going to both label head Chris Forman givin' it a syncopated hypnospheric turn and UK producer Maz Lunden transforming the whole into a sure shot jazzy frantic affair aptly to take the floors by storm.

Much has been said in regards to Louie Vega, including those claming that he remains stucked to the same kinds of formulas. Well I guess the latest would have probably reacted the same way back in the daze, talkin' about people such as the late Barry White, Chic, Brass Construction and the list goes on. And the fact is Mr Vega does nuttin' but delivering the trademark which would establish him as one of the most talented producers of his generation. Another brilliant example bein' given with the recently released 'One Word' featuring Anané over… you've guessed it oustanding arrangements (Vega Records). A man speaking of which you'll soon to be dropped a filmed interview here on IDMW!!! On the same vein, can't resist mentioning 'Save Me' to be credited to Franke Estevez and George Mena aka Fuzion alongside Fromer BLVD East member Chris Perez. A killer groove graced by an incredible vocal performance courtesy of Pedro Herrera. Extra words soon awaited as a part of a forthcoming Single Of The Week review to be dropped in a couple of weeks on these pages (Fuzion).

Reknown for his contributions on some harder tip, Jordan Rivera and Shereeta Campbell follow up their recent 'Ghetto' on Ospina Digital with the quite in yer face 'Love Weakness' with an obvious appeal for the bigger rooms, as remixed by Raul Moros with undeniable hispanic influences (Loopfreaks).

One word before leavin' in regards to both our last & current Single(s) Of The Week definitely enlightened by heartfelt messages and spreading old school vibes. From Chicagoan Big Ed aka The Blak Beatnik on 'Change' (ProgCity Deep) to IDMW long time friend and editorial contributor Michael Procter returning in full effect to the (house) lights alongside veteran Colonel Abrams on 'Work It Out' on his own Mychan label. Another pair of talented folks completing the series by the likes of Jon Cutler and the quite busy Matthias Heilbronn under the JCMH banner on the groovy lectrophonk '651' sounding like a Lil'Louis vs Dennis Ferrer jam (Distant Music/Promo).

More to come next week on our Pre Nu Year column of the likes featuring gems courtesy of DJ Romain, Boddhi Satva & Abel Tabu, Osunlade, Arnaud D, The Jinks, Danism, DJ Man-X and Son Of Raw to name but a (very) few.

Merry X-mas to you all, MFSB


LUIS RADIO & SABRINA JOHNSTON - Hope & Faith (Original Mix) (City Deep/Promo)
CENTRAL AVENUE featuring CATERINA REA & SIMON GREEN - Keep Me Coming Back (Panevino Remix) (Barcoda/Promo)
ALFREDO NORESE & KAYSEE - Gettin Down (Maz Lunden Sunset Mix) (Steal Vybe/Promo)
LOUIE VEGA & ELEMENTS OF LIFE featuring ANANE - One Dream (EOL Mix) (Vega Records)
NIKOS featuring K'BANA - Makin' Me High (Rocco Lyonnaise) (Under My Skin/Promo)
MICHAEL PROCTER & COLONEL ABRAMS - Work It Out (Original BOS Vocal) (Mychan/Promo)
RHODY & KAYDEE - Release The Beauty (Melchyor A's Reconstruction) (Gotta Keep Faith)
THE BLAK BEATNIK - Change (Original) (ProgCity Deep)
ALIX ALVAREZ featuring NATE JAMES - Not To Mention (Main Vox) (MN2S/Promo)
DAWN TALLMAN - Now That I Found You (Mark Stone UDM Mix) (Equal/Promo)

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