Yet again this week we vary things nicely on our mixshow... enjoy !!

  1. Dolls Combers "Spring corner" (Vick Lavender's Disapora's Den Master Mix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)
  2. Tomo Inoue featuring Stephanie Cooke "Better" (Feliciano Mix)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  3. Mood II Swing featuring Carol Sylvan "Closer" (Spencer Parkers A Gun For Hire Remix)(from "King Street Sounds Reformed Classics" on StreetKing Records CD Promo)
  4. MoD vs. Copyright "He is funky" (DJ Slider Mashizz)(CD-R)
  5. Quentin Harris featuring Margaret Grace "My joy" (DJ Slider Private Mix)(CD-R)
  6. Steven Stone featuring Andrea Love "Just can't stop" (MoD & Staffan Thorsell Remix)(Soul Deluxe Records CD Promo)
  7. Montana & Stewart featuring Sofia Rubina "I need U back" (Original)(Universe Media CD Promo)
  8. Roby Arduini & Pagany featuring Joy Malcolm "Love what you feel 2011" (Vocal)(Distar Records CD Promo)
  9. Richard Earnshaw & Giles vs. Jocelyn Brown "That's how good your love is" (DJ Slider Mashizz)(CD-R)
  10. Benedetto & Farina featuring Sandy Spady "So addictive" (Grand Vocal Mix)(A.N.T.H.O. Records CD Promo)
  11. Jorge Spania "Gimme' some more" (from "Smoked Out EP" on 74 Records CD Promo)
  12. Emuzik "Urban swing" (from the "Deep Intervention EP" on Phuture Rhythms CD Promo)

For promotional use only. The copyright in this mix belongs to Michael Fossati.