ImageDefected Records once again brings together three of house music's most interesting producers on the album "Defected In the House - Miami 2009". All are from diverse countries and bring a little of their own experience and flavour to their new mix album. In the below interviews you will find out a little fresh info from the three.

ImageFirst meet DJ Yass, a brand new unique signing from Paris, he is the protégé of the French house music collective that includes Bob Sinclar, DJ Gregory and Claude Monnet. His style is smooth and soulful and the mix perfectly represents the pool party vibe. DJ Spen is a veteran of the house scene and connects us directly with the US. He is immensely experienced, with an infinite knowledge of House, this is the guy that many DJ's try to emulate. He brings us his superb selection that sets up the vibe for his sundown mix. Finally mix three comes from David Penn. Originally from Madrid, he has been recently crowned "Best Club DJ' 09" and on top of being awarded "Best House Production" last year in Spain by DeeJay Magazine. He delivers a tougher peak time vibe with his in da club mix.


DJ Spen

Question: How has Miami influenced your career in the past?

Answer: In more ways than one might imagine. It was in Miami that my first full production was played by Mr. Tony Humphries. It was also the place where I first met people like Simon Dunmore before Defected was even a thought. I met Ann Nesby in Miami one year before recording with her in the studio. It is impossible to count the number of relationships in this industry that I still maintain today because I was there.

Question: What have you done with your mix?

Answer: I've done some very special and exclusive things for this mix. Thommy Davis and I have done a track called "Over again" that is exclusive to this compilation. My boys Gary Hudgins, Irvin Madden, & Marc Evans (The MuthaFunkaz) helped me remix Yass' version of "When doves cry", and DJ Meme's version of "Any love". There are also a few classics that appear on this mix like the MAW version of "Rescue me" by The Sunkids feat. Chance which was the hit of WMC a while ago. I have a few mash ups that happen in this mix as I always do, but I will leave that to being a surprise. I really feel good about it.

Question: Which tracks stand out for you?

Answer: Jovonn "ELEMENTS
Yass "When eoves cry"
Back To Fundamentals "Insatiable"
Ron Hall and Thommy Davis "Funky casanova"
DJ Meme "Any love"
Teddy Douglas "God created woman"

Question: Does Miami mean as much today as it did in the past.

Answer: Not really. I like a good party as much as anyone else, but Miami has too many parties happening all at once. It's kinda hard to be in more than one place at a time.

Also it's no longer about the Winter Music Conference. The actual conference has been overshadowed by parties. The conference was important for those who wanted to make connections in the industry.

Question: What are your predictions for this year?

Answer: With this being Defected's 10th year in the business, I predict that this year is going be a blast!!!! I believe that music that has meaning will be very important this year. Music for the soul is on the Rise!

DJ Yass

Question: Is it true that you are part of the next generation of French producer DJ's?

Answer: In French House music history, we have tons of internationally known, talented producers. During my first years of producing and djing, I was very inspired by them. At that time, Paris was a very creative place. I can be considered as one of the little brothers, the next generation, who grew up with some really talented artists around, whom created this famous 'French touch' sound …

Now, I'm up for the "French touch" crusade around the world! I won't ever forget the experience and what I've learned during these past years watching and working side by side with some great producers and friends.

Question: Who did you learn from?

Answer: I had a chance to learn many things from DJ Deep who really helped us (me and Sebastien, my studio partner) with great advice, contacts and the most important lesson; to believe in ourselves. Also DJ Gregory, Martin Solveig & Claude Monnet did a lot, they helped us in many ways. I was very inspired by Laurent Garnier and Daft Punk when I began DJing, they both have their own style with some supa eclectic sets…Love it.

Question: What have you done with your mix? Explain the flavour.

Answer: I tried to imagine me playing at a pool party in Miami. I wanted to make a bridge between the different influences I have, what I really like and what could fit in perfectly with the image of the Defected label. I've had the chance to play at several Defected In The House parties around the world, and I imagined a balance between what the people expect to hear at those kind of events and what I really want to try on the decks…with the special sunny and soulful Yass touch…

It was a great experience to mix the compilation starting slowly from cool tracks then progressively to step to the next level. Thanks to the many friends and producers who sent me a lot of exclusive tracks to help me in my selection.

Question: Do you have any of your own productions on the mix?

Answer: Right, I included three new exclusives tracks, each very different, as well as one remix I did on my CD. I know DJ Spen put his remix of one of my new tracks on his CD. On the compilation there are 4 new Yass songs, plus a remix I did recently.

Question: Who should we be looking out for in the future?

Answer: Watch out for upcoming new Mr V, Copyright, MD Xpress, Spen and of course Yass releases…

DJ Penn

Question: Describe your DJ and production style. What makes you different?

Answer: It's difficult for me to speak about a style, I love house music in general, sometimes I go more musical and sometimes more electronic. My idea is to make tracks that have something different, something to express, not just beats and basslines and always full of energy.

Question: What have you done with your mix on the Miami compilation?

Answer: My mix is a reflection of my sets, this is my style. I show some of my new work like David Penn "Revolution" or Rober Gaez & Rubén Alvarez "The rhythm of life" (David Penn Remix). And new ones such as Penn & Jabato "En mi casa" or the new remix of David Penn & Rober Gaez "Set me eree" by Etienne Osbourne. I also made some bootleg concepts introducing some tracks including accapellas that make the tracks different, for example I use my remix of Jon Cutler "It's yours" with an accapella from Byron Stingly "Everybody get up" and Steve Lawler "Kalimba" with the Chus & Penn "Baila" accapella.

Question: Who are the new guys we should be looking out for?

Answer: I think David Tort and Rober Gaez are doing really well now.

Question: Tell me about some of the stand out tracks for you on the mix?

Answer: The full mix has my favourite tracks of the moment, tracks like Giordanno "Amazonnia" (David Tort Remix), my new single, David Penn & Jabato "En mi casa" or my remix of Sandy Rivera "I can't stop" are in my favourites.