Mike Fossati

  1. Ralf GUM featuring Monica Blaire "AWA" (Foliage Records Promo)
  2. Groove Junkies & ReelSoul & Tertulien Thomas "Happiness is just around the bend" (MoreHouse Records Promo)
  3. Stan Zeff and Georgia Cee featuring Tiger Wilson "Ilanga nenyanga" (Tambor Music Promo)
  4. Elbert Phillips & Andre Espeut "Tears" (ChilliFunk Records / Yore Records Promo)
  5. Audrey Powne "Feed the fire" (BBE Music Promo)
  6. Steal Vybe with Stephanie Renee "You inspire" (Steal Vybe Music Promo)
  7. Andy Compton & The Rurals "Reflections" (Peng Music Promo)
  8. Ezel & Rona Ray "Take me home" (The Album) (Bayacou Records Promo)
  9. Soulfuledge & Hannah Clare "Get you off my mind" (Nyte Music Promo)
  10. NY'A "Give us free" (Franke Estevez Fuzion Club Mixes) (CyberJamz Records Promo)
  11. Pat Bedeau & Jodie Erica "Fantasy" (BedFunk Records Promo)
  12. Ralf GUM meets Clara Hill "Don't talk" (GoGo Music Promo)
  13. MrMilkDee & Jill Rock Jones "2 positions" (Sean McCabe Remixes) (Foliage Records Promo)
  14. Pietro Nicosia & Aurora Andrade "Poema de amor" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  15. Los Charly's Orchestra "Vibration" (Opolopo Remix) (Imagenes Recordings Promo)
  16. MissFly & Mr. Eclectic "Loving is easy" (Pasqua Records Promo)
  17. Fred Everything featuring Robert Owens "Never" (Lazy Days Recordings Promo)
  18. Crystal Waters "Dance dance dance" (HouseWerQ Remixes) (IAH Records Promo)
  19. Maysa "I don't mind" (DJ Spen & ReelSoul Remixes) (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  20. Chris Annibell featuring Tru Osborne "Rhythm of love" (Remixes) (Open Bar Music)
  21. Ferry Ultra featuring Ann Sexton "Rising up" (Art Of Tones Remix) (Peppermint Jam Records Promo)
  22. Consuela Ivy "Never no more lonely" (POJI Records Promo)
  23. Wamptronica "Paradise over peace" (Poly-Groove Records Promo)
  24. Melchyor A "Get it" (Laroye Remix) (Makin' Moves Promo)
  25. DFRA & Shaka "Collab Grooves Part 1" (Vibes and Grooves Promo)
  26. LaTasha S. Jordan & Corey Holmes "Better than good" (New Generation Records Promo)
  27. Terry Hunter featuring Raheem DeVaughn "Favorite thing to do" (House Remix) (MirrorBall Recordings Promo)
  28. Ridney & Husky featuring Xira "You ain't breakin' my heart" (Emmaculate Remix) (Fool's Paradise Promo)
  29. Wakeel Ali & Corey Holmes "Probably me" (New Generation Records Promo)
  30. Jackman Jones featuring Ed Ramsey "Live your life" (Laroye Remix) (Soul N Pepa Records Promo)
  31. 3three3 "Psalms"(Worship Recordings Promo)
  32. Melchyor A "I am blessed" (Razana Prod Promo)
  33. Harold Matthews Jr "Peripheral revisions" (Good Vibrations Music Promo)
  34. Pat Bedeau & Cleveland Jones "Wake up" (SoulLab Remix) (Bedfunk Records Promo)
  35. Willy Washington featuring Teddy B Jamison "Now you're my heaven" (New Generation Records Promo)
  36. Discuji "Imperial loneliness" (FunkHut Records Promo)
  37. Michele Chiavarini featuring Carmichael Musiclover "Express yourself" (2023 MC Makeover) (SPRY Records Promo)
  38. Luis Radio & Earl W. Green "All you got" (Groovebom Records Promo)
  39. Jonny Montana and Pete Simpson "Maybe we could be free" (2023 Remix) (Camio Recordings Promo)
  40. DJ Umbi & Jama featuring Pathy Andreas "So you wanna be a star" (HSR Records Promo)