Michael Fossati

  1. Domenico Ferruggia featuring M-Seilla "Nosso mundo" / Domenico Ferruggia featuring Janet Dawkins "Come with me" (Flyhigh Studio CD Promo)
  2. Ron Trent & Quentin Harris featuring Cordell McClary "Happiness" (Need 2 Soul Records 12")
  3. King DK "Can't read your mind" (Black Vinyl Records CD Promo)
  4. Fuzion featuring Viola Sykes "Don't give up" (Deepa Grooves Records 12" Test Pressing)
  5. Aaron Ross presents Graceland "Call me" (Remixes)(Stalwart Records CD Promo)
  6. John Beltran featuring John Arnold "Nostalgic EP" (Groovia Sound Project 12")
  7. Ralf Gum vs Dennis Legree & Inaya Day "Try me" (GoGo Music Records CD Promo)
  8. Sueno Soul featuring Lelani "A better love" (Stealth Records 12")
  9. Kenny Carvajal "Rise" (Remixes)(Music 101 Records 12" Test Pressing)
  10. GU & Black Mamba "Your nativity" (Philosophie Music 12")
  11. Blaze "Gloria's muse (the yoga song)" (WestEnd Records 12")
  12. Deepswing featuring Jacqueline Campa "Dance tonight!" (Generate Music Records CD Promo)
  13. DJ Pope featuring Lynette Smith "Addicted" (Hustle Music CD Promo)
  14. Working Underneath featuring Natalie "Positive vibes" (Haus'Flor Records CD Promo)
  15. Tania Maria "Come with me" (Louie Vega & MAW Remixes)(CD-R)
  16. Blvd East & Louie 'Lou' Gorbea "A journey into..." (Coco Soul Records 12")
  17. Mr. A.L.I. featuring Carla Prather "Rainy day" (WestEnd Records 12")
  18. Steal Vybe "Reach" (Steal Vybe Music Records 12")
  19. Fuzion featuring Nicole Wright "Beautiful" (Soul Creation Remixes)(Fuzion Records 12")
  20. Rasmir "Native girl" / "917" / "If guitars could talk" (CD-R)

Dave Wareing (RedSoul) (Manchester/UK)

  1. Faze Action "Waiting Is Over" (83 West Remix)(Papa)
  2. Fuzion Feat Viola Sykes "Don't Give Up" (deepaGROOVES)
  3. Z-Factor "Make A Move" (DJ Spen Club Mix)(Z)
  4. Inner Vision Feat Michelle Weeks "Turn It Around" (Disciple GBH)(Catch 22)
  5. Liquid People Pres Danism Ft. Monique Bingham "Glance, Look, Stare" (MN2S)
  6. Peven Everett "Stuck" (Groove Assassin)(CD-R)
  7. Deep Swing Feat Jacqueline Campa "Dance Tonight" (Generate)
  8. Bah Samba Feat The Fatback Band "Spanish Hustle" (BKO)
  9. Moodlife "Mystery Of Love" (USB)
  10. Righteous Feat MJ White "Love Is Love" (Refunkt)
  11. Justin Michael & Stephen Kimura "VIP" (MOD)
  12. La Charca "Double Shock EP" (Refunkt Trax)
  13. Rask & Salling "Put Out The Fire" (R&S Orig) (Swing City)
  14. Stephanie Cooke "Show Me" (Fanatix)(Soul Groove)
  15. Timmy Vegas "Call My Name" (Knee Deep USA)

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Joey Musaphia (Refunkt Records, UK)

  1. Righteous feat. MJ White "Love Is Love" (Refunkt)
  2. Rask & Salling "Put Out The Fire" (Swing City)
  3. DJ Mayhem "Say Yeah / Together" (CD-R)
  4. Kristine W "Feel What You Want (2005 Edits)" (CD-R)
  5. Fatback Band "Spanish Hustle" (BKO)
  6. Innervisions feat. Michelle Weeks "Turn It Around" (Catch 22)
  7. Soul Avengerz "Sounds Electric" (CD-R)
  8. La Charca "Double Shock EP" (Refunkt Trax)
  9. Kwality Control "Fear Of Success EP" (Knee Deep)
  10. Redsoul "Deep & Low" (Look At You)
  11. George Benson & Lemar "Give Me The Night" (CD-R)
  12. Soulpreachers feat. Sybille "Spirit" (Silocasa)
  13. Ken N & Delvino "True Love" (Purple Music)
  14. Justin Michael "VIP" (MoD Recordings)
  15. Soul Avengerz feat. Angie Brown "Funky Sensation" (CD-R)

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