Michael Fossati

  1. 280 West featuring Diamon Temple "Fly" (Blaze Remix)(PhutureSole Records CD Promo)
  2. Yukihiro Fukutomi "EP 1" (Pantone Music Records 12")
  3. Abicah Soul featuring Cei-Bei "Love is just a call away" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")
  4. Mr. V "The Dance Ritual Project" (Sole Channel Music Records 12")
  5. Donna Allen "He is the joy" (The Unreleased Mixes)(SoulFuric Records CD Promo)
  6. Marlon D featuring J.R. Morrison "Affection" (Jellybean Soul Records 12")
  7. Kenny Bobien featuring Ann Nesby "Spread love" (Soul Groove Records 12")
  8. Vivian Green "Emotional rollercoaster" (Osunlade Remix)(Sony Records CD-R)
  9. Tanja Dankner "Will I ever" (Jamie Lewis Remix)(Purple Music Records CD Promo)
  10. Vernessa Mitchell "Took my life" (Marlon D's UC Mix)(JVM Records CD-R)
  11. Tiger Stripes featuring Simone Moreno "Vem sambar" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)
  12. Audiowhores fetauring Alexis Hall "Subject of my affection" (SoulFuric Deep Records CD Promo)
  13. Chuck Love "Frozen in Minneapolis" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)
  14. Blvd. East "Paradise" (Deepa Grooves Records 12" Test Pressing)
  15. Mr. V "Jus dance" (Vega Records 12")
  16. Solsonik featuring Sabrynaah Pope "In love again" (Remixes)(CD-R)
  17. Soul Creation & The Masters "Time warp revisited" (Deepa Grooves Records 12")
  18. Stephanie Cooke "A new day" (Home Records 12")
  19. DJ Romain featuring Darryl D'Bonneau "Spirit" (NuFaze Records 12" Test Pressing)
  20. Juke Joint & Shawn Benson "Whisper" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

Dave Wareing (RedSoul) (Manchester/UK)

  1. Terri Walker "Whoopsie Daisy" (Fanatix)(Def Jam)
  2. Tiger Stripes Feat. Simone Moreno "Vem Sambar" (Look At You)
  3. JD Feat. Tony Jones "Why We Try" (Big D)
  4. The Backroom Feat. Kimara Lovelace "Here I Am" (Soul Groove)
  5. Alex S & Djazzy Feat Fubu "Senti Sabi" (Buzzin Fly)
  6. Mijan "Because Of You" (Equal)
  7. Jill Scott "Whatever" (Luis Radio)(CD-R)
  8. Groove Junkies "Musics Got Ya Jumpin" (MoreHouse)
  9. Sabrynaah Johnston "Spiri"t (Equal)
  10. DJ Jeroenski Feat. Lex Empress "My Only Love" (Refunkt)
  11. The Montanas "Play It" (Hott 22)(Gossip)
  12. Audiowhores "Subject Of My Affection" (Dub Mix)(Soulfuric Deep)
  13. Shawn Christopher "You Can Make It" (Jamie Lewis/Ron Carroll)(Soulfuric)
  14. MoD "Cocktail Chant" (Purple)
  15. Dusk "Picture Me Falling" (R. Earnshaw)(Duffnote)
  16. Righteous "Soul Clappin/The DJ Plays" (Refunkt)
  17. Jonnie Polyester & K-Boy "I'm Here Again" (Blackbooty)
  18. MOD "Stars" (CD-R)
  19. Sly Spinners "It Looks Like Love" (White)
  20. First Choice "Smarty Pants" (RedSoul Mixes)(Philly Groove)

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