Mike Fossati

  1. Harold Matthews Jr & Black Sonix "Deep into my sleep" (Good Vibrations Music Promo)
  2. Elbert Phillips & Andre Espeut "Sunlight" (Soul N Pepa Records Promo)
  3. Ambrosia "Let me be" (The Remixes)(Aqua Sol Recordings Promo)
  4. Brutha Basil & Rich Medina "Worldwide II" (N'Dinga Gaba Afro Deep End Remixes)(Brukel Music Promo)
  5. Ralf GUM meets Bongi Mvuyana & Kafele "Fix your love" (GoGo Music Promo)
  6. Galactic Soul Synergy "Joy" (CyberJamz Records Promo)
  7. Pat Bedeau & Anna-Marie Johnson "My life" (Bedfunk Records Promo)
  8. Lenny Fontana & Vangela Crowe "Hell yeah" (David Morales Remixes)(Karmic Power Records Promo)
  9. Tracy Hamlin feauring Ed Ramsey "Once you get started" (POJI Records Promo)
  10. Knate Koti & Ed Ramsey "Beautiful world" (Do It Now Recordings Promo)
  11. Mr. Eclectic "Eclectic energy" (Pasqua Records Promo)
  12. L.A.H.V featuring Decency "Maleme" (Zogri Remixes)(Shelter Records Promo)
  13. Roy G. Hemmings "You got everything to make me happy" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  14. SACRED H3ART "Outta pocket" (Ocha Records Promo)
  15. Jalal Ramdani &Miishu featuring Ahmed Sosso "Tolo" (MoBlack Records Promo)
  16. Luka & Jaidene Veda & Enoo Napa "Luxury" (Enoo Napa Remix)(FOMP Promo)
  17. Shannon Chambers "I remember" (T's Crates Records Promo)
  18. Brutha Basil & Sacha Williamson "Summertime" (Brukel Music Promo)
  19. Andy Compton & The Rurals "Don't fade away" (Peng Records Promo)
  20. Devon Howard "Need to survive" (FunkHut Records Promo)
  21. Terry Hunter featuring Common, Mike Dunn, Deon Cole, Chantay Savage, Coldhard, AM7 and Jamie Principle "T.S.O.C" (Mirror Ball Recordings Promo)
  22. Swanky featuring Terrae's Musiq Vybe "From the stars" (Soulful Evolution Records Promo)
  23. Ed Ramsey "A special celebration" (DJ Steve Love Mix)(CyberJamz Records Promo)
  24. Blakbot featuring Carla Prather "Distant tomorrows" (The Daz-I-Kue Pure Blakbot Edit)(Intown Studio Promo)
  25. Nick Power "Just hold on" (Music Power Records Promo)
  26. Dimi Jazzmon featuring Tantra Zawadi & Edde Yohan Baba Bey "Water star" (Jazz In Da House Promo)
  27. Ezel featuring Rona Ray "Don't know yet" (Bayacou Records Promo)
  28. Sara De Sanctis & Richard Earnshaw "Fading" (Inner Spirit Remixes)(Colour and Pitch Promo)
  29. DJ Disciple featuring Beatweezy "One more chance" (Shino Blackk Remix)(Catch 22 Recordings Promo)
  30. Sylvia Striplin "Searchin'" (Corey Holmes & Larry LaBirt Remix)(New Generation Records Promo)
  31. Le Croque & Carla Prather "Love yourself" (Peppermint Jam Records Promo)
  32. Charles Dockins "King of kings" (Radiant Soul Promo)
  33. DJ Disciple presents Innervisions "I didn't run, I walked away to get a better me"(Demarkus Lewis & Kritik SA Remixes)(Catch 22 Recordings Promo)
  34. Gino Strike featuring Sky Musique "Broken mirrors" (Nervous Records Promo)
  35. DJ Marcus Wade & Rachel McDonald "Everybody's dancing" (Salt Shaker Records Promo)
  36. Joseph Junior & MAQman "Let it go" (Makin' Moves Promo)
  37. Brutha Basil & N'Dinga Gaba "Fly high" (Brukel Music Promo)
  38. DJ Pope "Funk Train EP" (FunkHut Records Promo)
  39. Mary J. Blige "Good morning gorgeous" (Emmaculate & Kelly G. Remixes)(Mary Jane Productions/300 Entertainment Promo)
  40. Stephanie Cooke & Diephuis featuring Han Litz "Beautiful life" (Jihad Muhammad Remix)(KingStreet Records Promo)